And the journey continues...

Well, I've finished book 1 in the series and I'm working on Book 2. I've had several friends and a few family members read Book 1, still officially un-named, to critique my spelling and grammar and also get their feed back on the book over all. Several have said they had to remind themselves that I wrote it, it wasn't one they bought. That's a huge compliment and I thank them for it.

Oh, I realize they are my friends but that's ok. I may only be writing for myself and them anyway. I'm having fun.

I've meet some very interesting people in the writing groups I've attended. I've heard snipits of books, in genres that don't appeal to me, and I've been pleasantly surprised to have been drawn into their stories and fascinated by their writing. I've learned that there are so many avenues you can take to get published. There is a lot of networking to be done and letters to write. It's really quite overwhelming.

So I think for now, I'll make the corrections, that I hope to get back tonight from the last person to read Book 1, then get back to working on Book 2. That's what I enjoy and after all, that's why I'm doing this thing called Writing!

This is where I write from... Can't complain, God has truly blessed me!

This is where I write... Love It!

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