Two Years........

Two years ago I stated that it was time to get busy and write. I haven't blogged any during the two year period, but I have been writing. Book #2 "Murder Two at a Time" is done.

Now, done, is a relative word. I'm done writing the story, but long from done editing, editing, editing. In fact, after finishing book two, I now see that I need to go back to the beginning of Book One "Murder Next Door" and make some changes. My characters are starting to come to life in the book two. I will endeavor now to add the characteristics, and traits of my group into the first book.

My hope is that in doing so, you too will fall in love with Kami and Renee, and want to continue following them as they go through life.

We have done a lot of traveling since my last blog and with each trip I get ideas and thoughts for future books. I have made a promise to myself that I will not go any further before finishing what I have started. That means back to "Murder Next Door" and "Murder Two at a Time". I'd like to say work, work, work, however, this is really fun, fun, fun.

Thanks for reading / following me.

Kimberly Jo


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